In-Game Operations

Team Result: Display the team colour of your current party, and at the same time, display the current result and total result of both parties.

Radar: In the 'Settings' à 'Game' option, you can select "Rotate Base Map" or "Rotate View Angles". These two Radar effects will assist you in the observation of battle map.

Attack Info: Consists of "Attacker (Including the player's nickname and the Kill amount of current round)", "Attack Type (Including the details of used weapons, headshots, etc), and "victim (the player's nickname)". Blue party players' nicknames will be displayed in blue colour, Red party players' nicknames will be displayed in red colour. Your own game character's nickname will be displayed in green colour.

HP: Indicates the life values of your game character in the game. The default starting value is 100. When you get attacked by rivals or monsters, your HP will be deducted. When your HP is less than 30, your HP bar will alert you by highlighting in red colour. Your game character will die when the HP level dropped to 0.

Armour Value: Indicates your defence ability in the game, which will also set off the game character's partial harms caused by attacks.

Bullet Amount: Including the amount of bullets in your current weapon, and the amount of bullets in the backup Cartridge.

There are some weapons which are not available in M.A.T. Item Mall. In this case, players can pay attentions to various events organized by the game publisher. Join the events and stand great chances to grab away exclusive weapons and items!
Press the 'Print Screen' (PrtScn) key on the keyboard, which is usually located beside the F12 key, and the current scene of game will be captured and automatically stored inside the 'MATScreen' folder under the M.A.T. game folder in your computer.
No, you cannot equip more than 1 weapon from the same weapon category at the same time.
The default setting in the game is pressing 'N' key to select the 'Immediately revive and switch weapon" and then click 'Confirm', the recovery will take place immediately. The revive location of the game character is the same as his/her birth place in the game.
E-mail without attachment :
Unread e-mails can be stored for 7 days. After 7 days, the mail will be deleted by system (Attention: Due to system settings, the actual timeline would be 6 days and 23 hours). When the e-mail status changed from 'Unread' to 'Read', the mail expiry date will be changed to 3 days (Attention: Due to system settings, the actual timeline would be 2 days and 23 hours).

E-mail with attachment(s):
The attachment in the mail will start the timeline countdown from the moment of sending out to mail recipient. The time limit of mail storage is related to the to the expiry date of mail attachment. Before the attachment has been taken away, the expiry date of mail is exactly the same as the expiry date of attachment. However, after the attachment is expired, the mail will not be deleted immediately. On the next time of logging in the game, player still can see the mail with the time indicator displayed as '0 day 0 hour', and the icon of attachment indicates the expired sign, and the same result goes to the 'Receive Gift' button as well. The mail will be deleted by system after the player logged out the game. For the e-mail with attachment, the expiry date of taking the attachment is 3 days (Attention: Due to system settings, the actual timeline would be 2 days and 23 hours).
Complete a competition or purchase a gift pack in Item Mall to get some Silver Coins. Gift packs generate more Silver Coins.
Press 'v' to dance. The dance will stop as you implement other action during the dance process.
The ratio can be calculated based on the accumulated Kill/Sacrifice rates of a player in Individual Recovery mode, Team Recovery Mode, and Team Competition Mode.
If you quit halfway during the battle, 100 Silver Coins will be deducted.
Press 'F' key to switch on/switch off the torchlight. Click on 'clock' button on the game interface to open/close Team phonetic function. Press 'K' key to open/close Area phonetic function.
In the Mummy Mode, the selection of host is totally random.
In the personal settings in game interface, you can set your favorite arming method by selecting whether you want to hold weapons by using left hand or right hand.
No, the marks gained in Boxing Competition will not be included in the general ranking.
If you entered the game and fulfilled the requirement of attendance, you will be able to view your attendance status on the attendance book. Your attendance records of the recent 5 days will influence your speed of gaining points.
All the requests issued by the blacklisted players will be blocked by game server, including public chatting and personal chatting, excluding server chatting and zone chatting, If you choose to add on blacklist in the 'Player's List', just click the selected player and add him/her to blacklist. The Player's List will not change but the indicator of 'The player has been blacklisted' will be given. If you choose to add on blacklist in the 'Friends List', the blacklisted player's nickname will be deleted from Friends List and transferred to the blacklist, and the indicator of 'The player has been blacklisted' will be given.
On the Personal Setting section of M.A.T. setting interface, and at the options, you can choose the colour from the blood colour selections. After the selection is made, click Confirm to change the blood colour.
For the gift items sent to other players, the time will be counted from the starting moment of sending gift, from sender to the recipient.
No, the 2 same items cannot accumulate the usage time by each of the other.
Please ensure that the installation file of M.A.T. game client is correct. If this situation continues, you can download the installation file again and proceed to reinstallation.
For the purchased weapon, the usage time will be automatically deducted even you put it inside inventory and never equip it. The weapon will expired as the time indicator become '0'.
After you purchased Spray from Item Mall, and equip the Spray on your game character in the inventory, you may use the Spray in the game by pressing 'T' key.
In order to improve the in-game environment, the game client is set to be cancelling the dance music which will consume lots of computer resources. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
Please close your game client, and try to login the game again.
Please login to game client again, and repeat the process of adding friend.
The Neon Speaker can be used for 1 year from the date of purchase.
Everyday, there will be 1 update on the guild competition rankings.