Dear M.A.T Players,

Mayday, mayday! We, the M.A.T Team have finally landed in Singapore! And we're ready to rock this town like never before! Mission Against Terror (a.k.a M.A.T), one of the hottest selling game under the CiB Net Station, will be organizing the first ever M.A.T Tournament is Singapore! Excited? I bet you are!

The theme of this event is called "The Born of the Champion", hence, as you can see, we are looking for the very first M.A.T Champion that is residing in Singapore, so come and show us what you've got! However, there's a catch here. To make this first event a successful one, we hope that we can recruit at least 8 teams of players to take part in this event. So what are you waiting for? Quickly register your team if you think that you're the worthy one! Details of registration can be found below. And if you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected]. So, remember to come and show us your love and support and we will see you there!

P/S: Remember to read the RULES and the TERMS below carefully, to avoid from any inconvenience caused during the Tournament.

¡°The Born of the Champion¡±

Official Mode:
Mode: Explosion Mode
Map list:

*Nile Delta
* Huangpu Terminal
* Snowcapped Warehouse
* Kashi Castle

Team mode: 5 vs 5

How to Register:
1) Send your information via [email protected]
2) Email Title: MAT Tournament¡± The Born of the Champion¡±
A. Team Name:
B. All Character Name:
C. All Contact Number:
D. All Login ID:

Rules and Regulations:
1. Players are not allowed to use shop/item mall during the tournament and preparation.

2. Players need to double-check their primary weapons, secondary weapons, slots settings and graphics settings before the start of a match.

3. Usage of vulgarity, taunting, abusive language, and showing of offensive signs are strictly prohibited.

4. 3rd party communication tool and software are NOT ALLOWED. (Example; Skype, MSN Messenger, etc)

5. In the event of equipment malfunction during the match, the player has to raise his/her hand to inform the Game Marshal.

6. Usages of known bugs in the game to gain advantage are prohibited. If an unknown bug shows up in the game during tournament, the players may ask the organizer to stop the game. The organizers will then decide either to restart or continue the game.

7. Unknown bug found due to boosting or stacking will result in a warning point. If the offence is repeated, the whole team will be disqualified.

8. Game Marshal's decision is final and firm.

9. If a rematch is decided by the Marshal, the TEAM that does not follow this decision will be subject to disqualification.

10. If any lag issue appears, the player has to raise his/her hand to inform the Game Marshal.

11. This event is organized by CiB Net Station. All decisions made by the organizer are final. Rules and regulations are subject to change by the organizer at any time without prior notice

Terms and Conditions:
1. ¡®Team vs. Team¡¯ chart will be arranged randomly by the judges.

2. During tournament, CiB Net Station will provide a tournament account for each player. Players are not allowed to use their personal account during tournament.

3. Specific weapon and card will be provided in the account. [AK47, M4A1, QBZ95, AWP, Default Weapon and CTS bomb]

4. Flash Grenade and Smoke Grenade are allowed in the slot.

5. All types of crosshairs are allowed.

6. Tournament maps will be fixed and randomly chosen by judges so players will have enough time to practice on the maps.

7. All team members must report their attendance as a team at least 1 hour before the tournament started.

8. After the attendance report, team leaders must attend a tournament briefing that is organized by Chief of Game.

9. Marshals should relay the information to their team members 15 minutes before the tournament starts. The organizers/game marshals will not be responsible for any penalties incurred on the team due to either failure of the team leader in attending the briefing or any miscommunication among team leader and members.

10. If the latecomers still do not show up when their match is called, they will be declared as absent and their match well be declared a walkover. The opposing team will proceed to the next stage of competition.

11. Players are allowed to set the screen lightness, screen resolution and mouse sensitivity by themselves. Any other changes to the PC hardware are not allowed without the consent of the Event Marshal.

12. Spectators or Team Managers are not allowed to stay in the competition areas. (Subjected to Event Venue & Chief Game Marshal)


1. Failure to comply to the rules and regulation will result in disqualification.

2. If fighting occurs, the TEAM will be subject to disqualification.

Marshal Remind:
1. It is suggested that the players bring their OWN mouse, keyboard, mouse pad and Headset, The Game Marshal will not be responsible for any Hardware malfunction.

2. Players have to reach 1 hour before the Tournament Start and take attendance, if not, he/she will result in disqualification. Please pay ATTENTION on this.

Match Information:

1. Each team will take turn to be the terrorist and the counter terrorist. Each winning match will gain a mark. Total up the terrorist and the counter terrorist mark will decide which is winning the match.

Result Calculating:

Team A Mark 5 - 1 Team B Mark
Team B Mark 1 - 5 Team A Mark
Team A Mark (5+5=10)
Team B Mark (1+1=2)
Team A win.

Consolation Prize
Tiger-Elite MP5 (7 days)


1st Runner

2nd Runner

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