MAT Event Guide: "Login IN-A-ROW" Rewards!


Login continuously and win the exclusive rewards joyfully!! Recently, M.A.T. has launched a noteworthy and rewards-flooding event which requires almost nothing but only your active login! Diligent players who login M.A.T. for continuous 7/14/21 days will get great weapons and hence, spice up the M.A.T. life.

The clock is ticking....Never let one opportunity after another slip away! Let's enjoy our quick-and-slick guidance of "Login IN-A-ROW" event:


Details of M.A.T. "Login IN-A-ROW":
Basic Intro: Login to M.A.T. game for at least continuous 7 days to get exclusive reward from officials.
Date: 18/1/2011(11am) to 15/2/2011 (23:59:59)
1. Login in-a-row 7 days (Login the game for continuous 7 days) will be entitled to get a FREE White Tiger 95 (Assault Rifle) x 7 days.
2. Login in-a-row 14 days will be entitled to get a FREE M202A1 Tiger x 7 days.
3. Login in-a-row 21 days will be entitled to get a FREE Gold Plate M4 x 10 days.

The "Attendance" Interface:
Firstly, you may view your attendance record (login dates) on the "Attendance" interface:

1. On the Game Lobby interface, click the "Attendance" button on the right side, and then the Attendance interface will pop-up. For the event period (18/1/2011 to 15/2/2011), you can see the correspondent date boxes are filled up with transparent tick.

If you have logged in the game on a particular date, the tick on the calendar will appear as purple colour, which is as shown below:

2. What should I do if I have missed out certain days on previous login records (attendance records), but still wish to get the exclusive rewards? Do not worry! All you need to do is only purchasing an Attendance Badge from M.A.T. Item Mall(as shown in the screenshot below).
- ONE Attendance Badge can only reimburse for ONE day of absence.
- If you have accumulated 5 days of absence, you have to purchase 5 Attendance Badges to make complete amendments on your attendance record.

3. After you bought the Attendance Badge, you can reimburse the absent date by following the steps below:
- Do not have to equip the Attendance Badge on the game character. Just purchase the badge and put in the warehouse.
- Click "Amend" button, and then the game system will automatically help you tick the replaced attendance date, as shown in the screenshot below.
- If the game system has successfully ticked the correct attendance replacement, a short announcement will be displayed on the Attendance interface.

4. If you managed to login-in-a-row for continuous 7 days, a gift box icon will appear on the Attendance record as the proof of your passionate participation. The game system will automatically send the rewarded gift into your mailbox! If you keep logging in the game frequently, you will get more and more rewards in the future!

5. Successfully get the rewards of "Login-in-a-row" event!