M.A.T Guild(Part 5): Ultimate Guide


Team spirits, pride of being a competitive soldier, the most challenging battlefield ever... these are exactly what a great soldier wants!

As a fast-paced FPS online game, M.A.T. (Mission Against Terror) always surprise and stimulate all the courageous players by updating new features frequently. Now, the brand new "M.A.T. Guild System" is coming up in your life!

The Guild System will gather lots of players with a meaningful purpose: Cultivate a more competitive and cooperative battle environment.

However, the Guild System is not as simple as what you imagine.....

The exclusive items for Guild System, the Golden weapon series, Grenade Packs, protection cards, lucrative Gold Coin rewards, Ranking Board, and so on, will also make your dreams come true!!

Step-by-Step Guide

Initial Set-Up Progress
1. Firstly, players must purchase "Create Guild Card" from M.A.T. Item Mall.

2. Purchase "Create Guild Card" and create your own guild within 2 days. You cannot use this card after 2 days.

3. On the Guild interface, select 'Clan'.

4. Enter your Guild Password.

5. and then click "Confirm"

6. Please click "Open Guild Page" to enter into the official website of M.A.T. Guild System (http://guild.mat.cibmall.net/).
7 Look for the 'Player Login' section, and then fill in the Login details (Select your Area, key-in your Account (Acc), and the password).

8. After successful Login, click the "Create Team" button.

9. Now you can think of a creative name for your team (1-15 Alphabets), and you may start to set the requirements for joining your guild as well.

10. Congratulations for the successful creation of your own Guild! You can always visit your Guild exclusive webpage to view all the information.
11. On your Guild webpage, the most useful tools are all ready for you (can be found on left side menu bar)! Guild Leader has the authority to set the criteria of joining guild, change the password, update announcement, etc.

Start to Compete
12. Login to "Guild Battlefield" to start your adventurous journey!

13. The guild need to have enough Silver Coins in order to kick-start the battle. Thus, guild members must contribute coins to their own guild with the minimum value of 1000 Silver Coins.

14. As a team leader, you can create a unique Team Badge for own guild, but before that, you have to purchase "Team Badge Card" from Item Mall.

15. If you want to show your guild badge to everyone, you have to purchase "Guild Badge" from Item Mall.

16. In the progress of creating team, players must have at least 8000 Silver Coins in order to create a team successfully. After the creation of team, you can let the members to enter into the team. When all the team members are ready, the battle can be started at anytime.
* Attention: The team must consists of 8 players to start the battle. The system will automatically search for the rival team. Usually, the waiting period will not exceed 2 minutes.

Ranking: Hall of Fame
17. You can always check the latest ranking of your guild by using search engine (Search by Guild Name or Guild ID). The ranking system is classified into League Score board and Competition Score board.