Q: How to reload the game, and how to purchase item´╝č
A: Click the first button on the left side – ‘Item Mall’. On the Item Mall interface, you can do both ‘Reload’ and ‘Purchase’ actions. Choose any item and click ‘Purchase’, and then the detailed purchase menu will pop-up. You can also drag the items to your shopping cart and check-out together later.


Q: How to get Silver Coins? And what are the advantages of Silver Coins?

A: Ways to get Silver Coins:

1. Completer a round of game to get some Silver Coins. Better result leads to more Silver Coins. You will not get any Silver Coin if you quit the battle halfway.

2. You can get extra Silver Coins by purchasing Gift Packs from Item Mall.


Advantages of Silver Coins:

1. Can be used as in-game money to purchase items from M.A.T. Item Mall..

2. When you join certain in-game events such as guild competition, the participation fees (in Silver Coins) will be automatically deducted from Guild Bank.