MATIC 2013 Malaysia League Grand Finals - The Lowdown!


As the tournament preparation is going into its final phase, the only thing that is left is for players to turn up, and ready to battle. There are few reminders for players to take note during the whole event in order to run things as smooth as it can be.

The Lowdown:

- A team can only have 2 members changed (except for the captain as the captain must remain the same. Any changes can only be made once. Changes should be made before the tournament date (7,8,9 December, 2012) by sending the new info to [email protected].

- The replacement members must not be from any of the qualified teams. If caught to do so, it will be an automatic disqualification.

- Each member must be sure to be present during MATIC 2013 Malaysia League Grand Finals with your Identification Card (IC) or Birth Certificate or the Police Report (In case your IC is lost or stolen).

- The official MATIC 2013 Malaysia League gaming gear sponsor is Armaggeddon. The gaming peripherals will be provided during the event. However, players can use their own gaming gear if they wish to by informing the Game Marshal on standby.

- Be sure to be alert of your team's turn to battle as once your team name is called, you will only have 10 minutes to report in at the tournament area. Any later than that, it will be automatic disqualification.

- Be sure to provide correct details of all members. Our staff will not be held responsible for any complications if any information given is incorrect.

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