Say NO to M.A.T. Hack Cases!

FAQ regarding BOT & Hack Cases

Q: What is meant by the term 'BOT' in online games?
A: BOT is a term use to describe individuals using hacking skill in online games, whereby they alter the programming system of the online game software to create a cheating system.

Q: What are the consequences of using a BOT?
1. Most BOT applications contain viruses that will badly affect both your computer and your gaming account.
2. If a BOT user is identified, his/her gaming account will either be banned to a certain period of time or it can be declared as a frozen account.
3. BOT can also tamper with the game's routine which will affect other players during their gaming session
4. BOT will cause the game to lose its sole purpose, making it less interesting.

Q. How to overcome the BOT issue?
A. Example is better than precept. Setting an example is very important. Therefore, you should NOT use BOT at the first place. If you've come across a BOT user, you should report it from within the game. After you're certain that the particular player is a BOT user, it is encouraged to report him/her to our official team.

Q: What are the punishments on BOT users?
A: The Anti BOT software will be updated daily to ensure that BOT do not exist in the game. Accounts that are suspected to be using BOT will be banned/frozen in a daily basis! New method will be used to frequently check on whether there's any suspicious game play in place.

Q: What are the advantages of Anti BOT?
A: To ensure that the in-game environment is fair and just, and that players are all treated fairly. You will also be rewarded generously when you report on a BOT (please include the BOT software used and its guidelines of usage).